Many in the Mohawk Valley find themselves blowing up tubes and floating down the West Canada Creek with a drink in their hand, the sun shining, and friends and family floating alongside.

There are two different ways of doing this: by yourself with an air pump, multiple vehicles, and a lot of work, or, in the past, it's been easier through one campground that offered a shuttle, air pumps, and even tube rental opportunities. Unfortunately, that company has ceased tubing operations for the summer of 2022.

Earlier this year, West Canada Creek Tubing in Poland, New York announced they would no longer have a shuttle until they were able to upgrade during the summer. The company announced recently that that shuttle will be arriving this upcoming spring, but that until then, they will no longer be offering any tubing options.

"We will resume our tubing experience next spring when the NEW bus is here. We hope you enjoy the balance of the summer and get to tube, even though it is not with us. Anyone that had a reservation was called, messages were left for those that did not answer."

Keep in mind, just because they are no longer offering rentals, a shuttle, or any other part of their tubing operations, doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun. Don't worry: there are ways that you can still tube without using the business.

Credit: West Canada Creek Tubing
Credit: West Canada Creek Tubing

If you follow this map, you can have someone leave a vehicle at your starting point, and leave another at the finish point. You're just responsible for getting your own tube, blowing it up, and then transporting it, which will (depending on how many people you have in your group) require more vehicles.

As much of a bummer as this is, we're happy they'll be back next summer with their new transportation system. Until then, we'll be floating using our own tubes, our own pumps, and our own vehicles. Inconvenient, some may say, but at least we're still able to sit back, float and relax.

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