A dad in the United Kingdom went viral on the internet after posting a photo of his daughter who had eaten 18 containers of yogurt while he stepped away for 10 minutes.

I know he's not alone. Kids can get into some trouble when parents step away. Or, it causes parents to get a good laugh.So I was curious, what have kids in Central NY done while their parents stepped away?

Beth said she left her daughter, Katie, alone for less than five minutes when she was little and she came back to the room with Katie's hair being chopped off. Some other CNY'ers had great stories as well.

Tammie Wing: "When my son and daughter were around 5 and 3 they put bucket after bucket of water on my living room rug. When I went in and stepped on the rug there was so much water. They told me if they watered the rug flowers were going to grow for me. They seen their grandmother roll out the grass that if you water it flower do grow so they thought our living room rug would do the same for me. How could I be mad at that."

Alexis Peters: "My son (4 years old) ate an 24 pack of string cheese during the night the next day we over heard him on the toilet asking his butt ‘ Come on butt work with me!’ because he was so constipated from eating so much cheese. Then was convinced that his but didn’t work anymore and insisted I take him to the emergency doctor for butts to build him a new one. 😂😂😂😂😂 he’s going to be 8 and we still bust his chops on that one. We laugh to the point of tears 4 years later!!!"

Ashley Martin: "Vaseline all over herself 😂. Thank god my husband had to deal with that."

Tanya Course-Hernandez: "My kids put ketchup, mustard and parmesan cheese ALL over the kitchen ... when I was at a Dr appointment and my ex husband was supposed to be watching our 3 children. It smelled like throw up for a week!!!"

Patricia Estey Hilligas: "My daughter painted herself and her brother and sister with frosting that was supposed to be put on my birthday cake she was 4 the twins where 3."

Justin David: "When my daughter was 3 I went to the bathroom real fast & when I came out she was rubbing chocolate pudding on my new led TV."

Inga Thrasher: "My now 17 year old found it fun to hit two raw eggs together! Each time one busted he grabbed another one! Thank God it was only a dozen, and I had to pee not make a number 2!!! Had to move my fridge to clean underneath! That was a good time!"

Sarah N Len Kennedy "My son called 911 when I was in the bath because his brother was being mean to him! Lol"

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