There's something living in my car. I know this because it's eaten two ketchup packets and half a granola bar. And a napkin. What is it and how do I get it out?

Temperatures in Central New York have been brutally cold this winter, and so I don't blame the little guy or gal for looking for someplace warmer to hang out. And hey, with all the stuff the kids leave in there, it's no wonder he or she found all sorts of things to snack on.

But it needs to not live in my car

Matt Nimey, who owns a local used car dealership, told us that they currently have a Lexus SUV in their shop that is a total loss because mice moved in and ate the four days.

I'm conflicted because:

1. I really love my car. A lot. We've been through a lot together and she's never let me down. Ever.

2. I hate to hurt anything...not even bugs. I'll relocate them outside before I'll smush them.

What to do? I instituted Operation Sequoia: The Eviction. Armed with a humane trap, peanut butter, and a trail cam, I figured I'd make swift work of this interloper, find him/her a new home and be done with it.

I guess not. 

As you can see from the video, the little bugger is clearly mocking me. Ate his peanuts. and left - never triggering the trap.

On to Phase soon as I figure out what that is. Send your advice to

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