On Monday August 11th my wife Tammy and I will celebrate out 7th wedding anniversary. How she's put up with me all these years is beyond me. Oh yes, there are a few things that she does that drive me absolutely crazy, but by far, she puts up with much more.

5) Talk with my friends on the phone.

She'll come home from a long day at work and I'll be on the phone for 20 minutes or so with a buddy talking about things that interest her in no way at all. "We never talk when I get home" she says. Do you think I should improve on that?

4) Use the bathroom with the door open.

Tammy is the only female in the house and us boys have no shame in just doing a number one with the bathroom door open. Heck, I taught our 5 year-old how to 'pee on a tree.' Is it a guy thing or are we pigs?

3) Flirt with other women.

Hey, nothing happens. The women I flirt with are not interested in a balding chubby old guy like me at all, yet, I'm sure this can make her feel insecure. Is it okay to look at the menu with no intentions of ordering the meal?

2) Snore!

The man-cave downstairs has now been equipped with a futon/bed that I've been using a lot more over the years. Hey, it's better than having pillows piled up over my head during the night.

1) Criticizing her cleanliness.

She'll wipe down the counter just as I'm making a sandwich. She'll move things from where I've put them. My older son and I often find ourselves saying "she puts it away." Nothing I do can be left as is, it must be altered or rearranged in some way by Tammy and I ofter complain. But why, I live in a very lovely, clean home, thanks to my wife...the woman I often drive nuts!

So what does your spouse do that drives you crazy? Chime in with your pet peeves in the comments section below.

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