Do you feel like you have trouble leaving your work behind when you go home for the day? Do you feel like you are overworked? Do you constantly feel stress because of your job? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may have Career Compulsive Disorder.

Career Compulsive Disorder is a term that was first coined by Women's Health Magazine and according to a Harvard Business Review survey, half of working professionals are putting in up to 65 hours of work per week. Most of this work is put in after you've punched the clock and gone home for the day. It can be in the form of constantly checking emails when on vacation or out sick, feeling bad about not answering work related emails or messages right away, or spreading yourself too thin with big projects!

We want you to take the quiz to see if you may have CCD.

Using a scale of 1-4, with being "No, that's not me at all" and 4 being "That is totally 100% me" rate how well the following statements describes you!

1. I live for survival mode, racing against deadlines.
2. I've got more big projects going than Obama.
3. At any one moment, I'm on the phone, checking my inbox, updating my to-do list, IM'ing, etc.
4. I overpromise more than an infomercial.
5. I feel guilty if I don't reply to a work e-mail ASAP.
6. The night-shift cleaning staff at the office knows me by name.
7. It's hard to relax and unplug—even on vacation.
8. I spend way more time working than hanging with friends or family.


If you scored...

8-16: Congrats! You have mastered what they call work-life equilibrium.
17-24: WARNING! The job is starting to take over your world and you need to find ways to alleviate some of the stresses you put on yourself.
25-32: RED ALERT! You're steamrolling toward extreme CCD, with a double-barrel stress level. You may want to look into Workaholics Anonymous, which is actually a real thing.

If you or anyone you know may be suffering from this disorder, then have them take this simple quiz and take the steps to enjoying life outside of work!

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