It's the holiday party season, which can be a lot of fun, but it can also get you into a lot of trouble. If you’re going to drink a lot it's a good idea to check yourself before things get out of hand and you do something stupid.

Here's a rundown of some things you should absolutely, positively not do drunk:

Sing- Those around you will never forget the night you unleashed your inner Cher.

Take Pictures- Sure, you think it's funny at the time, but you never know where those pictures will end up. They may be used for blackmail some day!

Trampolines- Nothing good can happen while drunk on a trampoline.

Joke with Cops- They think nothing is funny so watch out because they're carrying a firearm.

Text an Ex- When you're drunk, you're on your own in the wilderness. Resist the urge to reach out to anyone, especially an ex.

Drive- NEVER EVER Drink and drive, always have a DD and play it safe.

What are some other great tips you have?