Toll booth attendants on the New York State Thruway have probably seen it all through the years. Everything except for an upside-down car. The red "X" on the top of the toll booth in the pictures pretty much sums up the driving effort on this one.

For the driver in question, it turns out that motoring through this exit wasn't such an "E-Z pass." For those of you keeping score at home, it's the Verona exit (#33), and Rome's Lisa Ballou snapped the initial picture Sunday afternoon, March 11, 2018 and posted it on Facebook:

Credit: Lisa Ballou

Her shot drew a number of great responses on Facebook:

Judith Connors Snyder: "Is this a joke?"

Christine Dincik: "Must have been the Tide pods."

Jen Noble: "Did they learn SU made the tournament and flipped out?"

Vernon's Angelo Thomson took another great pic:

Credit: Angelo Thomson

The majority of the Facebook comments wondered how someone could possibly pull this off. Speculation included excessive speed while approaching the toll plaza, not paying complete attention, or perhaps fumbling around for some loose change.

What's the oddest thing YOU'VE ever seen on the New York State Thruway or at a tool booth?