We've seen the big fireworks lists, but there's still one missing. Aren't there fireworks in New Hartford on the 4th of July?

Once again there are fireworks on the 4th of July in the city of Utica at Proctor Park. There are fireworks at Vernon Downs after the races. There are even fireworks in Clinton. But what about New Hartford?

In the 80's I remember the 4th of July fireworks at New Hartford Town Park/Sherrill Brook Park. Not sure when that stopped but they really just moved down the hill a little ways.

Street View via Google Maps

Yahundasis Golf Club has been doing 4th of July fireworks for many years. Of course, they don't need to advertise this since it's technically a day of events "For Club Members Only". We couldn't find reference to this year's fireworks, but they have used a similar web page in past years.

Merritt Place Park
Street View via Google Maps

The park at the bottom of Merritt Place in New Hartford has become a very popular place to watch - lots of room on the lawn in front of the fountain for blankets and chairs. People also try park right along the Arterial and Genesee Street but New Hartford Police are always present to keep things safe.

We haven't seen any confirmation that this fireworks display is definitely happening this year, but there's a good chance there will be a bunch of people hanging out looking for them. What "unofficial" locations do you like to watch fireworks from??


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