Being a mom is a tough job, and it's REALLY tough for moms who also have another job or career on top of being a mom. And there are a LOT of those working moms. In fact, nearly 50% of the workforce in Central New York and beyond is female.

WalletHub has published its list of 2018's Best & Worst States for Working Moms. The 50 states and District of Columbia were compared in three key areas--Child Care (which includes cost and quality of care, and quality of school system), Professional Opportunities (median women's salaries, gender pay gap issues, and ratio of female-to-male executives), and Work-Life Balance, which includes commute times, parental leave policies, and other factors.

New York state ranks 10th-best overall, including first in day care quality and third in parental leave policies. Among the major sets of criteria, New York came out seventh-best in Work-Life Balance.

Bottom line: Working moms could do a lot worse than the Empire State. However, for those inclines to consider relocation, two of the top three (Vermont, Minnesota and Massachusetts) are our neighbors to our immediate east. Meanwhile, Idaho may have great potatoes, but it ranked dead last in the study.


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