When sales are down, stores close and that's the case for some of the biggest names in the world of shopping.  Which big chain stores plan to close the most stores?

These nine retailers all plan to close stores, according to USA Today, either this year or over the next few years.  Online competition, especially from retail giant Amazon has hurt many chain stores.  Other reasons for stores to close include mergers/acquisitions and stores that are performing poorly.

1.  Toys "R" Us plans to close 100 stores.

2.  Abercrombie & Fitch plans to close 180 of their stores by 2015.

3.  Staples is going to close 225 locations by 2015.

4.  Barnes & Noble plans to close one third of its stores over the next decade.

5.  Sears Holdings has already close almost 300 stores in the last four years and could close another 500.

6.  Radio Shack is going to close 1100 stores.

7.  J.C. Penney plans to close 33 stores by May.

8.  Office Depot.  Since merging with Office Max, look for more and more stores to close.

9.  Aeropostale will close 40 to 50 this year and a total of 175 over the next few years.

Would you miss any of these stores if they left our area?  I would.  As much as online shopping has its advantages, I still like being able to go to a brick and mortar store.