In case you didn't already lose a few trees in the last snow storm, lets review what to do the next time it happens. Who do you call when there's a tree resting on your power lines?

During and after Friday's storm, thousands of Central New Yorkers were without power. So a tree limb resting on a transmission line may seem pretty minor in comparison. But the advice is still the same - CALL NATIONAL GRID.

According to National Grid's website, if you have an actual electric outage and have life sustaining equipment in your home, you can call 1-800-642-4272. Otherwise to report an outage, wires down or even tree limbs resting on wires, you should call 1-800-867-5222.

CJ/TSM Utica

We reported branches pushing on the transmission lines on early Saturday morning, knowing full well that National Grid was probably already inundated with much more urgent service calls. They still took our information and said someone would be out to take a look. The next morning, an Asplundh Tree Company truck pulled up to the house and informed us that they were sent by National Grid to assess the situation. Within minutes they were setup and trimming down the offending limbs. Now we've got a pretty bare looking tree, but no danger to the power lines. And a bunch of free firewood.

CJ/TSM Utica

Again, anything that effects your gas or electric service deserves reporting to National Grid. As far as power outages, you can always refer to National Grid's map to find out if other outages have been reported in your area.