Pumpkin Spice everything is a sign of fall, along with changing leaves and back-to-school sales. So why are pumpkin spice products hitting store shelves in June?

Keep your fall to yourself and let us roast some marshmallows first. Seriously.

The first pumpkin spice item has prematurely hit the shelves at Walmart: Special K Pumpkin Spice Crunch cereal. No. Just no. 

Apparently, a guy in Wisconsin spotted the first box and sent a photo in to The Impulsive Buy website.

I can't even. 

Last year, the first product was Werther's Originals pumpkin spice caramels - but they came out in July. STOP pressuring us - let us enjoy the summer first. Then start stocking the shelves with pumpkins...and Christmas stuff.

What do you think? Is this too much pumpkin, too soon or are you more like "bring it on"?



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