At one time the phrase seemed to unite New York, connecting Central New York to Manhattan and the entire Empire State.

You've see the slogan on t-shirts and hats and other merchandise for years, and New York State has reeled in millions from its simple and famous advertising slogan. But, big changes are on the way.

If you love seeing "I Love NY" signs along the New York State Thruway, you won't love hearing that they're coming down. Under pressure from government sources, and in a scenario that had become a political football, Governor Andrew Cuomo has finally acquiesced and agreed to have the signs removed.

Federal agencies had been warning New York for years that the signs violated certain aspects of highway code, including containing too much information and/or information that was not useful to motorists...and therefore dangerous.

New York will comply with a deadline of September 30 to take down the signs, in order to recoup $14 million in fines levied against it by the U.S. government.

Certain New York Republicans have maintained that Cuomo acted irresponsibly and arrogantly to have posted the signs initially, when he knew they were illegal.

Cuomo says new signs, in accordance with federal guidelines, will soon replace the old ones. And the new campaign will use "NY Has It All" as a slogan to promote tourism. The big question: Will t-shirt merchants stick with the old slogan or commit to the new one?


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