We may have more reason in Central New York to celebrate International Left-Handers Day (August 13th) than anyone else. Statistics say only about 10% of the world's population is left-handed.

But, when I asked my Facebook friends to reveal their dominant hand, over 50% said they were lefties or ambidextrous. Is there something in the water here in the Mohawk Valley?

Here's some of what I discovered from the Facebook responses:

Derek Clark, the Executive Director of Broadway Utica bragged that he's a lefty and added "lefties rule."

Utica Common Council President Mike Galime is ambidextrous, and maybe that makes sense, because he often has to break ties when it comes down to a vote.

Donna Dye writes lefty, but said "everything else I do right handed, except knitting and smocking."

Kevin Roe writes, eats, and plays pool lefty, but says "everything else righty." What else is remaining? Wait, don't answer that, Kevin.

Connie Forte said she believes her oldest daughter was born lefty, but when her mom took care of the child, she used to tie the kid's left hand behind the high chair and force her to eat righty, because older Italians thought there was something wrong with lefties.

By the way, Connie says her daughter "turned out well."

Some famous lefties include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan. So, maybe it's a presidential thing.

BONUS VIDEO (Notice which hand she's using to display the cup):

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