Is there any candy that says "Christmas" quite like the candy cane? The shape, the color, the peppermint flavor, are as much a harbinger of the holidays as jingle bells and Santa hats. So why you gotta mess with them?

Pickle flavored candy canes. We're living through a time where it appears to be perfectly fine to change the flavor of anything if it suits us. Lemon flavored Oreos. Watermelon flavored Peeps. Unicorn flavored frappuccinos. Pumpkin flavored...everything. But candy canes?


Candy canes are the perfect holiday candy. They even multi-task. What other candy is delicious, and a decoration, and a stirring stick for your cocoa? Let's see candy corn try that.

The worst part about a pickle flavored candy cane is the fact that no one will expect it. Some poor guy or gal - maybe in anticipation of being caught under the mistletoe - will quickly unwrap one, thinking the unusual color is just a quirk - and stuff it in their mouth. Surprise mixed with equal parts disappointment and horror will follow. This is why people have trust issues.  

Pickle flavored candy canes are available at They also offer bacon flavored candy canes.

Don't even go there.


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