Maybe you've seen the viral post on Facebook: if a thief ever forces you to withdraw money with your ATM card, simply type in your PIN backwards and the police will automatically be summoned. Is it true?

In fact, this meme goes back as early as 2006, when it was first found on social media, according to It's currently making the rounds through Central New York social media.

via Facebook
via Facebook

So, even though this technology probably could be added to ATM machines, no bank has implemented such a process - typing in your ATM backwards won't do anything, except maybe get your card confiscated by the ATM machine. 

According to, the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 compelled the Federal Trade Commission to provide an analysis of any technology that could allow a distressed ATM user to alert law enforcement. The following statements were made in the FTC’s April 2010 report in response to that requirement:

"FTC staff learned that emergency-PIN technologies have never been deployed at any ATMs.

The respondent banks reported that none of their ATMs currently have installed, or have ever had installed, an emergency-PIN system of any sort. The ATM manufacturer Diebold confirms that, to its knowledge, no ATMs have or have had an emergency-PIN system."


Remember, just because something is on Facebook - always double-check before you click 'share'.


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