You have the chance to see pianist Jim Brickman when he comes to the Stanley Theater in Utica March 15 plus backstage Meet and Greet passes and a Jim Brickman Greatest Hits CD. Listen at 4:20 this week (February 10-14) during Afternoon Mindbender Trivia playing our version of Name That Tune called 'Piano in the Dark.'

We've blindfolded Keith James, the former keyboardist for the local band Showtime and asked him to play some of his favorite songs. We recorded his keyboard and will ask you to guess.

We've blindfolded Keith James and asked him to play some of his favorite songs

Want a jump start on playing the game? Here are the songs we'll be asking you about. Can you identify these songs?

Monday February 10

Tuesday February 11

Wednesday February 12

Thursday February 13

Friday February 14

Jim Brickman is the host of "Your Weekend with Jim Brickman" which airs Sundays from 10AM-2PM on Lite 98.7 WLZW