All I was doing was going on a walk in the New Hartford Town Park and I stumbled upon something pretty cool to do during the summertime.

First off, that town park and the trails around it are pretty awesome. My friend Mellany and I veered off the beaten path and took to a walk through the woods. That was very scenic, I wish it hadn't rained all week as it was a touch muddy. But good nonetheless. We had stumbled up to a tree that seemed to have a hole in it toward the bottom of the trunk and she noticed the rock sitting there. At least she knew what it was.

So, it's a rock that was hidden by a member of a Facebook group called 315 Rocks. To describe everything in a nutshell, this is geocaching but with personalized and painted rocks. I personally think it's a really, really cool thing. On top of that, all you have to do is take walks through different parts of the 315 and be on the lookout. Imagine if you have a kiddo and take them with you? The sheer excitement they would have when they find one would be incredible.

This is the message describing the group on their Facebook page.

315 Rocks are kindness rocks that originate in the Central New York area and travel around the 315 area code and beyond!! They are meant to create happiness! If you find one, you can either keep it for yourself or pass it on to spread the love! It is a lot of fun to follow the rocks on their journeys, so please don't forget to post a picture if you find one! Most importantly, have fun. If you create just one smile, you have succeeded:) - 315 Rocks

The rock we found had a message on it that read, Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale.

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