It's safe to say you've officially 'arrived' when you have a beer named after you. Well, Handshake City has arrived.

Woodland Farm Brewery announced they have created the 'Handshake City IPA' to honor the container park and event venue. (Sidebar: I was today years old when I found out that IPA stands for 'India Pale Ale'.)

Credit: Handshake City Facebook
Credit: Handshake City Facebook

This weekend, Handshake City hosted their 2nd Annual Barks and Brews event - which featured, as you might have guessed, dogs and beer. Woodland Farm Brewery was one of the featured breweries at the event. They launched the Handshake City IPA for the event. If you missed it there, you can still get some in their taproom, at 6002 Trenton Road, Utica.

If you missed Barks and Brews, there are still several events coming up at Handshake City, including a Paint & Plant Workshop with Retro Sorrento on June 29, Christmas in July on July 12, Made In Utica Garage Sale on August 24 and 25, and the 4th Annual Downtown Getdown on September 7.  You can get all the details on Handshake City's Facebook page.

Can someone name something after me? Like a cookie? Or ice cream? Please?

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