Want a fresh, new look at 'World War Z'? Tons of chaotic footage from the summer zombie flick has been released in -- of all places -- the latest music video from British rock band Muse.

The specially cut video, which comes courtesy of Yahoo Movies UK, shows off previously unseen clips from the movie, including sequences from Gerry Lane's (Brad Pitt) seemingly happy home life, as well as the destruction and horror that ensues once the zombie threat makes itself known. Of particular interest is the frightening moments set in Philadelphia, where Gerry and his family come face-to-face with the undead as people run wild in the streets.

The song itself, "Isolated Systems," is very fitting for 'World War Z'; it's not a fist-pumping rock 'n roll anthem but a much more deliberate and ominous instrumental piece. Muse was actually asked to score the entire film by its producers, but the group was unable to take such an active role. Still, "Isolated Systems" and another song off their last album are featured on the 'World War Z' soundtrack.

'World War Z' opens on June 21.

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