A touching story out of Pennsylvania resonates here in Central New York, at least on a hypothetical level.

When George Labecki, a 63-year-old retired teacher in Harrisburg, discovered he needed a kidney transplant, his wife convinced him to put the word out on their social media pages. So, they posted on Facebook. A woman also located in Pennsylvania found out she was a match and responded. Lindsay Wenrich had a connection to George Labecki.

She had attended the same high school where Labecki had taught, though she never had him as a teacher.

Even though they had a lot in common, it was a major difference that was notable. He's a big Ohio State Buckeyes fan, while she's a die-hard fan of the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Not only was Wenrich NOT disturbed by that conflict, she doubled down. When she found out about Labecki's rooting interest in Ohio State, she decided to do something special. So, she swallowed her Nittany Lion pride (see what we did there?) and showed up at Labecki's door dressed as the Ohio State mascot to deliver the news.

The gesture made as big an impact as the organ donation.

The big question: Would a Syracuse University fan give up an organ for a Georgetown fan? How about for a UConn Huskies fan? Or a Duke fan? What if you had to choose just one from among those three?


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