Re-gifting. The act of taking a gift you received - that you didn't like, or have no use for - and wrapping it up as a gift for someone else. There's a limit to what should qualify as an eligible re-gift though, right?

Re-gifting has parameters. It's okay to re-gift something that's useful to someone, but just not to you - like a fondue pot. It's NOT okay to re-gift something that's so hideous that no one will enjoy it, like the socks your great-aunt picked up at a yard sale. You can't regift food past its expiration date.

Here's a story that might cross the re-gifting line.

A CNY couple goes through a nasty divorce, and a contentious division of property, down to splitting up Tupperware and forks.

When Christmas rolls around, the ex-husband calls the ex-wife asking if she still has the stockings his mother made (she's still alive, just not able to sew as well) for the ex-wife and the ex-wife's son. The ones with their names embroidered on them. 

Turns out, the ex-husband wants them back so he can remove their names, in order to re-gift them to his new girlfriend and her son.

What would you do? Would you give the stockings back? Does this cross the re-gifting line? 


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