Who doesn't like ice cream? Who doesn't like free? Obviously, everyone does. Here is the easiest way to get yourself some delicious free ice cream.

First off, we are already about to head into the month of June. Feels like the year is flying by. Sure better than 2020 so far though. Especially because Stewart's is bringing back an incentive for giving blood. They have been doing the free ice cream thing in June for 6 years and in that time have helped get the American Red Cross nearly 40,000 blood donations.

Basically, you go and donate blood at one of your county's blood drives and they hand you a swanky little voucher for a pint of ice cream at a Stewart's according to News 10 in Albany. They are calling it "Give A Pint, Get A Pint". With the quality of the ice cream being so incredible at Stewart's too, it makes the decision to donate blood even easier.

The only question left to be asked is, what flavor are you going to choose? I personally years ago fell in love with their flavor called Peanut Butter Pandemonium. It's got the little Reeses Cups and chocolate and peanut butter swirl with some vanilla ice cream. Absolutely heavenly if I do say so myself.

To find out when and where your county's blood drive will be in June, just go to RedCrossBlood.org. You could also call 1-800-733-2767 and ask along with setting up your appointment too. Then just swing by Stewart's with your free ice cream voucher.

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