Old McMarley's Apple Farm is on my regular bicycle route, in the rolling hills of Brimfield Street in Clinton. And they're not all about the apples. They also have some pretty cool pumpkins for Halloween.

And their enormous pumpkins right by the side of the road are impossible to miss as you pass.

I've been watching 'em grow up all year as I pedal or drive by. Today I figured it was time to stop and get a few pictures, before they morph into pies or muffins, or they explode or something. These babies are impressive:

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

To give you some idea of the scale, I'm 6-2 and weigh about 250. These pumpkins have to go at least 500, right? If there are larger pumpkins somewhere in Oneida County, I'd love to see 'em.

Meanwhile, if you're looking to grow a record-sized pumpkin, the current mark is over 2,300 pounds, achieved by a farmer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are some great growing tips on modernfarmer.com.


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