Imagine growing up in Central New York, going off to college in the big city, and eventually living there. For Jordan Marcel Short this was an awesome reality, but something kept drawing her back Upstate. Our amazing food is one of many reasons she decided to leave her life in New York City, but mostly it was the love of family, and all that Utica had to offer. Now as a young professional she has brought her business, and talents, to the heart of downtown helping to revitalize it.

Jordan's business is called Jordan Marcel, Inc. and she does it all. She can design and create anything from wedding invitations, to wedding receptions. Need a new look to your office, or living room? Jordan is your gal! In fact, her business has grown so much she has finally decided to move into a new permanent home. She specifically chose the new Bagg's Square location, above Utica Bread, because she wanted a space that would truly reflect who they were as a company. She says, "When you walk into the space you kinda have to feel like, yeah that makes sense." The fact that she has so many great neighbors is also a plus.

Jordan Marcel Short
Jordan Marcel Short

The new location is specifically called 'Triangle Lab.' The idea behind the name incorporates Short's three specialties, or "elements of design," including event, graphic, and interior design. It took 18 months to find the ideal location, which was desperately

My husband was sick of living with 150,000 candle holders.

needed. As Jordan said, "My husband was sick of living with 150,000 candle holders." Not only will the Triangle Lab be used for her own business, but she will also be renting out the space for events, parties, photo shoots for local photographers, cooking classes, art classes, and more.

What an amazing accomplishment for a young, local woman from Herkimer, NY to come home after life in the Big Apple to start her own company and contribute to the rebirth of our community. This city needs more motivated young entrepreneurs like Jordan. If you would like to rent the space, or utilize Jordan's talents you can contact her through her business Facebook page. Her work is amazing, and she's sure to make your event, business, or dining room that much more beautiful. Hats off to Jordan, and well wishes for her continued success.

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