Leave your sunblock at home today kids, because things are about to get SHADY.

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik took a not-so-subtle dig at British girl group Little Mix on Twitter this weekend, prompting Directioners and Mixers alike to launch hashtag #ZAYNHASNOCHILL on Twitter, which quickly began trending and all but ignited a social media war between the two impassioned fandoms. And in the midst of things, Fifth Harmony was dragged in as well!

The drama began when Zayn retweeted a post (see below) from a Twitter account going by the name "Shady Music Facts" (LOL, how appropriate). The tweet reads, "Which is the better single? Retweet [for] 'Worth It' by Fifth Harmony... Favorite [for] 'Black Magic' by Little Mix."

Zayn retweeted. Zayn RETWEETED. ZAYN RETWEETED. Did you get that? He R-E-T-W-E-E-T-E-D.

Zayn's shady shot at Little Mix—by showing direct preference towards Fifth Harmony over the Brit group of which his reported ex-fiance and longtime former girlfriend Perrie Edwards is a member, it's clear where he stands on the matter—comes less than a week after the "Black Magic" singers sorta-kinda dissed him during a promotional fan meet-and-greet in Arizona.

As of now, Little Mix's "Black Magic" has over 64,000 favorites, while Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" is standing at about 82,000 retweets, which isn't exactly a glaring gap. After all, with these two songs both girl groups have Top 20 hit singles in their respective countries, so it's really not a competition. And anyway, pitting female artists against one another is so late 90s, you guys. (Britney vs. Christina, anyone?)

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