Perhaps you've seen photos of completed ballots on social media like Instagram or Facebook.  Is it legal to do that?
The answer is a resounding MAYBE.  The law in New York is that it's a misdemeanor to 'reveal the contents' of a completed ballot.  Paragraph 10 of this NYS Law is the relevant section.

Due to the rumors circulating online today, the NYS Board of Elections weighed in.  They told the Syracuse Post-Standard that the photographic representation is not the actual paper ballot, and therefore is not covered under the law.  So according to the state, it's perfectly legal. That's the story in New York, at least.

Here's what's been floating around on Instagram today:


Your safest course on Election Day - treat it like any other day and Instagram kids, pets and food like you normally would.  Instagramming your cat is both cute and legal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.