The office of the President has gotten tons of attention lately, thanks to President Obama's inauguration last week.  With that being top of mind, you might find the results of this Harris Poll interesting.  Harris asked Americans who they would pick as the best and worst President since WWII.  Both top picks happen to be Republicans.  

Of the 2,016 adults surveyed by the Harris Poll, Ronald Reagan garnered 25% of votes for best president since WWII.  Franklin Roosevelt was second, followed by John Kennedy and Bill Clinton.  As for the worst president since WWII, George W. Bush topped the poll, with 27% of the vote.  Barack Obama was second and third place went to Richard Nixon.  How about the best president ever?  Abraham Lincoln was picked by 32% as the best president ever, followed by Ronald Reagan, George Washington, John Kennedy and Bill Clinton.  Here's the interesting but not surprising part.  55% of Republicans surveyed chose Reagan as best and 47% chose Obama as worst.  As for Democrats, 25% chose Franklin Roosevelt and 48% say Bush was the worst.  Who would you pick for best and worst president?