The Buffalo Bills hosted the Rams last Sunday and with 3 minutes to go in the game, they were poised to win. But, you guessed it, once again the Buffalo Bills figured out a way to lose the game at the end. All they needed was a couple of first downs, but no, and now it looks like another 6 and 10 season. The Bills play the improved Seattle Seahawks who look to continue their surprising run toward the playoffs. Toronto is the location for the Buffalo Bills and the Seahawks in Week 15. Is colder up there and Ryan Fitzpatrick has struggled as the weather has cooled. Fred Jackson is out for the season so leaning on the running game only works if the Bills can maintain some semblance of balance. Bills fans don't see that happening as we feel they'll lose by at least a touchdown. The Bills will most likely only win one more game this season. We'll be watching and my wife will be putting up with the noise and messy kitchen. Here's a great tribute to every NFL fan's girlfriend or wife.

So, who do you think will win? Find out what the experts predict.