The battle for the basement, the cellar dweller, who will it be after Sunday? Bah, humbug! It will most likely be the Buffalo Bills. All we want for Christmas is a winning team in Buffalo and now it looks like they'll finish tied for last place again in the AFC East with the Jets, who they host on Sunday. Let's face it, The Bills and The Jets need a quarterback. They already have Ryan Fitzpatrick, but we can all agree that he's not the long-term answer.

According to The Bleecher Report, the 2013 draft brings guys like Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson and maybe Mike Glennon from North Carolina State to the table. Perhaps the Buffalo Bills should lose on purpose Sunday because with five wins, they may be out of contention for a first round pick. Bills fans are hoping for one last win this year and I see that happening as they could beat the troubled Jets by at least a touchdown.

So, who do you think will win? Find out what the experts predict.