Well shut my mouth, I thought for sure The Buffalo Bills would lose soundly to the Superbowl champion Baltimore Ravens on Sunday in Orchard Park, but they pulled off the upset with a 23 to 20 victory.  Now they must face the improved Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night football shown on the NFL Network. Can The Bills take advantage of their momentum?

The Buffalo Bill's new couch Doug Marone has used the hurry up offense in all four games with the Bills and has adjusted it's implementation in the last two. Fortunately he has quickly learned about its drawbacks. According to The Bleacher Report:

Football Outsiders tracks the amount of time in seconds spent per offensive play. Not surprisingly, the Bills offense displays the fastest pace in the NFL, averaging 20.6 seconds per play. That, in and of itself, is not damning by any stretch. Couple it with the fact that the Bills also rank 26th in offensive plays per drive and the picture becomes clear: The Bills offense is getting off the field at a blinding pace, which is putting the team's defense in a bind. Across the board, the stats point to an offense that is simply not staying on the field.

The (2-2) Buffalo Bills are heading to Cleveland to take on the (2-2) Browns this Thursday night.  With proper clock management, another strong running game and Stevie Johnson's ability to beat out Cleveland's TE Jordan Cameron and CB Joe Haden, The Bills are poised for a winning record.

So, who do you think will win? Find out what the experts predict.