78% of Facebook users think that everyone is getting ruder on the website and 19% have actually ended a real-life friendship over things posted. It has actually happened to me. How about you?

Do you think your Facebook friends are getting ruder? A new survey found that 78% of people believe their friends are getting downright nasty on Facebook and I see it everyday. Almost 2 out of 10 say that they have ended a friendship because of Facebook and unfortunately I'm one of them.

Not to sound too political but after the President was re-elected, some on my friends got real nasty, and still do today. I've have to downgrade many friends to 'acquaintance' because I just cannot tolerate pictures of machine guns and racist innuendo being posted by users. Many Facebook users post obvious falsehoods and misinformation on a consistent basis. For the most part I just shrug it off, but on one occasion I disagreed with a high school friend about family planning and one of my best friends of 30 years, sent me text of something about my father and I haven't spoke with him since. Part of me is relieved that I don't have to pretend I agree with his radical views anymore, but the other part of me wants to cry.

According to The Week;  A new study shows that social media is responsible for making people ruder. At least that's what I read on Facebook this morning between posts about how everyone should carry a gun and that the President wants to destroy our country. And have you ever looked at the comments under a YouTube video? You'll see people being incredibly rude, racist, and hateful.
Well, I guess that's freedom of speech for ya. How about you? Have you ended a friendship over Facebook?