We are highlighting stories from Spring Farm Cares in June for 'Adpot a Shelter Cat Month.'

Cosmos was loose along a busy roadway. Cars zoomed past this bewildered and visibly injured pet.  One motorist cared enough to pull over and dodge traffic to check.  Cosmos was rushed to Spring Farm Cares.  She was never run over but did suffer injuries consistent with being caught up in a car's fanbelt.  Cosmos needed to have her tail amputated and a rear leg was splinted.  Cosmos's story has a happy ending:

Just a few hours after surgery, he already wanted to eat. He purrs and loves to be snuggled. Everyone has fallen in love with him already. He has a long road of recovery ahead of him....Cosmos has gone home to his new family and has healed nicely from his injuries. He joins a household with three other cats where he has already in the first week settled in and made himself at home.