Awesome New Jobs Out On The Market
Other than being in radio I’d love to be an astronaut. It seems like the perfect job because it never seems boring. No one wants to be the person with the boring job. If you're looking for a new opportunity, you may want to check out Cosmo's list of 8 Awesome New Jobs:
Mark Richards On Spring Break
Miss me? I miss you, and I miss the arrival of Spring. I'm waiting for nicer weather so I can get the rest on my projects done around the house.
So far I've got the blinds up, the screens up, the hot tub clean and Dylan & I visited Chuck Cheese!
He's a good shot at basket ball!
But the most time co…
Dangerous Stress Relievers
We all need to unwind in our own way and it's just that some ways are healthier than others. We do have a lot of unhealthy habits such as the following:
Is Your Hair Turning Gray?
According to a new U.K. study, 32 percent of women under 30 are starting to sport gray hair. What’s the cause or why would someone want this?
How To Remember Names
Do you remember faces very easily but not names? You even remember where you were when you met someone, but not their name. It’s pretty common sadly.
Foods That Act As Aphrodisiacs
We've all heard that certain foods give you an appetite for the bedroom. According to Cosmo, these foods are aphrodisiacs. So if your’e looking for the foods that will do the trick we have the list.
The Facts Of Life Reunion
The news of big reunions lined up this year for the TV Land Awards has just been, big this year! One week we hear that Welcome Back Kotter will be reunited, and the next we get word that The Facts Of Life cast will also be in attendance!
Your Favorite Irish Studs
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, it's time to salute some of Ireland's finest imports: the hot Irishmen. These guys bring new meaning to the phrase "Kiss me, I'm Irish." Here is a list by called Colin Farrell and Ten Sexy Irish Stars.
What Guys Really Mean
Men have a bit of trouble expressing themselves. We tend to say one thing, and mean the opposite. You may need some help translating. So let Dr. Dave Wheeler help you out! Where did I study to get a degree you ask? Facebook U!
How To Deal With The Office Bully
Bullying isn't just for the playground, bullies exist all over. They can be found all over the workplace, and if you have a bully, it can make you miserable. Having a bully can add stress to your job and make you enjoy work less. Here are some tips from the Huffington Post on how to deal with a…

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