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NY Governor Has Free College Tuition Plan
The Governor of New York has a plan to give free tuition for state college  students whose families make less than $125,000 per year.  While making the announcement, Andrew Cuomo was joined onstage by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  Sanders' recent campaign for Preside…
Upstate Taxi Drivers Launch Anti-Uber Ads
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently suggested that we contact our area representatives and ask them to vote in favor of bringing Uber to Upstate New York.  We are in one of the very few regions of the country without the ride-sharing service...
New York Is 2nd On List Of ‘Safest Driver’ States
When it comes to the least number of highway fatalities caused by reckless driving, the Empire State is number 2 on the list.  That's according to an eleven year study done by the Auto Insurance Center.
Out of the 50 states, only Virginia ranked higher than New York when it comes …
Legoland – Not In My Backyard?
We've seen projects in our area that people complain about. So it's no surprise that some residents of Goshen, NY are protesting the building of a new Legoland Resort in their backyard. And they've got some big names in the fight.
Tanker Truck Accidents In CNY
After the accident and gas spill Tuesday afternoon, we researched other wrecks that have happened in Central New York. Combing the archives of, we came across several big stories from the 1960's-1970's.
Fly To Europe – Closer and Cheaper Than You Think
We have quite a few airport options within a few hours of the Utica area. It's always a good idea to shop around to find the best fares. But by next summer, there could be another option, and it means really cheap flights to Europe.
Buy NYS Fair Tickets For $3 On Monday
You'll have the chance to buy tickets to the 2017 New York State Fair for half of the pre-sale price, and less than a third of the gate price.  The Fair is offering 20,000 tickets at the discounted price on Cyber Monday.
The 2017 fair runs from August 24th through September 4th...

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