A recent study found more than 31,000 crimes took place on college campuses. Unfortunately, there are five New York schools where students are most likely to run into trouble.

Crime on College Campuses

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According to the most recent data available from the New York State Education Department, there are over 808,000 full-time and 335,000 part-time students in the state's higher education system.

One major factor that goes into the college selection process is a school's overall safety. Best Colleges recently updated its national statistics on college campus safety and found that while crime has been decreasing since 2006, they are still at unacceptable levels.

In 2021, campuses across the United States reported 31,000 crimes that resulted in nearly 22,000 arrests. Alleged crimes included burglaries, rapes, hate crimes, and thefts from motor vehicles. Of that number, just two percent of all reported crimes were deemed unfounded.

Additionally, 42 percent of all reported crimes on college campuses qualified as Violence Against Women offenses while five percent classified as hate crimes, the latter of which was the largest number of hate crimes ever reported on campuses since 2005.

On a state level, Niche.com annually ranks New York's safest campuses based off of campus crime rates and student reviews. The website said the roundup also draws on statistics relating to residence hall date violence and rape rates, as well as alcohol and drug-related arrests.

Based off this data, there are the five campuses that are considered the most dangerous in New York State.

Please note Townsquare Media isn't deeming these college campuses dangerous. We are reporting what Niche.com has found, which has never been affiliated with Townsquare. All comments and criticisms should be directed toward them.

The 5 Most Dangerous Colleges in New York State

According to Niche.com, there are several colleges who have a bad track record when it comes to student safety. Using data from the U.S. Department of Education, these colleges were at the bottom of the safety list.

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While these schools may be disappointed to have been at the bottom of the annual ranking, they are far from the most dangerous colleges campuses in the United States.

Based on a recent report from Degree Choices, the nation's most dangerous college was University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, which reported nearly 1,500 violent crimes on its campus between 2019 and 2021.

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On the flipside, New York can also brag about having one of Niche.com's top 10 safest colleges in America. Officially ranked the ninth safest college campus in America was Molloy University in Rockville Centre. The campus has an A+ ranking in Safety.

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The College of Westchester, located in White Plains, also made an appearance on the list by ranking 20th safest, as did St. Joseph's University in Brooklyn, which placed 24th overall.

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