The Haunting Of Herrings Inn And Unrecorded History ~ CNY Paranormal
When it comes to historic sites with a reputation for being haunted the history that supports these reputations is usually a long and tragic one. Sites Like Boldt Castle and Munn's Mansion in Rutger Park have long histories with equally long accounts before the reports of hauntings begin to sur…
Check out Six of the Scariest Old Time Photos Ever
A video that collects the 'Scariest Demonic Old Timey Photography' was uploaded to YouTube by 4QED. The photos, which appear to be from the dawn of photography, show very scary occurrences. Watch the video, if you can, without getting completely unnerved.
Vampires The Folklore, Fantasy and Facts [VIDEO]
Are vampires a reality? When it comes to the changes to folklore over time nowhere is it more apparent than with Vampire mythology. We've all seen the sparkly vampires of late and the refined European count but when did this become the norm?

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