Charlie Sheen knows how to grab our attention.    What's he up to now?  Sheen says he's going to quit acting.

Despite the upcoming launch of his new sitcom 'Anger Management' later this month on FX, Sheen tells the 'New York Times' this show will be his swan song.  The reason?  He says he's  been acting for thirty years and knows there's more in life than just make-believe.    Sheen has his sights on far simpler things, like amusement parks and soccer games with the kids, which he's excited about.  As for his infamous substance abuse problems, Sheen says he won't take drug tests for his new show because he "refuses to grow up."  How do his new bosses feel about that?  Sheen says they know the deal and realize with him "it's not always going to be smooth sailing."  Do you think he's really quitting acting or just doing this for free publicity?