Don't sweat the small stuff.  You've heard that before.  Do you sweat the small stuff?  Or when things go really, really wrong, do you completely lose your cool?The key to not sweating the small stuff or even the big stuff is being at peace in your heart.  More thoughts on this from Delilah:

I’ve been there in the midst of horrific crisis where people have been injured and hurt and loved ones have passed away and yet during the most horrible things I could imagine, God has given me peace.  

It’s actually the little things that get the best of me. During the big times of crisis, that’s when I remember to pray! But it’s those times in traffic when someone cuts me off, or when someone is rude to me at the grocery store, or when someone picks on one of my kids – that’s when I lose my head! No peace in times like that. Ah, but I’m working on that little character flaw. 

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