Want to have more happiness in your life?  Let go of the negativity and the gossip, surround yourself with good things and people, and happiness will follow.Delilah's reaps what she sows in her garden and in her life.  Even if you don't garden, you can reap what you sow in your life, for the good or the bad.  Here's more from Delilah:

It’s also true in life: you reap what you sow. If you sow seeds of anger and discontent and divisiveness; if you gossip, backbite, say negative things and try to put wedges between people, guess what you’re going to reap? You’re not going to harvest sweet pumpkins of happiness. You’re going to harvest a big crop of misery. But if you encourage, uplift, motivate, say kind things and do kind things for people, you will grow new friendships, stronger relationships, and a happier circle of people around you.

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