Life is busy.  Sometimes it's easy to forget to stop and appreciate your surroundings.  Are you so busy that you don't really see what's around you?  It's time to open your eyes.


Make the time to notice your surroundings, whether it's a beautiful sunset or your neighbors beautiful flowers.  Beauty is everywhere and if you open your eyes, you'll see it too.  Delilah shares her thoughts on appreciating your surroundings.

I’ve been trying to encourage you to appreciate the little things. Open your eyes to the beautiful things in your life that you may pass by and take for granted every day.

For instance, if you commute or vacation by car and pass a field of flowers or see mountains in the distance or see the sky turn seven shades of pink during sunrise or sunset, take notice. You don’t even have to stop, but recognize that this beautiful moment was put there for you to see today…

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