Ladies, if you're looking for a guy who likes to spend alot of money on your first date,  head to Denver, Colorado.  According to The New York Post, men in Denver spend $221 on the first date.  The survey uncovered  the top ten US cities with the most generous first date guys. 

Guys in Seattle spend $197 on a first date, while guys in Dallas/Fort Worth spend $178.  Philadelphia guys are next on the generousity list, shelling out $158 for the first date.  In fifth is Washington, DC with $154 for a first date.  Boston guys aren't far behind in sixth, spending $151 on a first date.  NYC is seventh at $145, Oklahoma City is eighth with guys spending $143 on that first date.  Greenville, SC guys landed ninth on the list for spending $142 and rounding out the top ten is Raleigh, NC, with guys spending $140 on the first date.