Stalkers rejoice, now you can be joined with your target on Facebook just by saying your "in a relationship" with them. The new profiles will pull the photos, status updates and likes of both people in the relationship on a single page. Guess what? Not everyone is happy with this romantic new feature.
The Week gathered a few unhappy responses, among them from Emma Barnett at The Telegraph, who wrote in message to Facebook,

"When you start doing things for us -- the experience is anything but social or remotely positive. You have infantilized my relationship for me with the creation of Only I should get to do that."

And Rebecca Pahle wrote,

"Why wouldn't Facebook make it something you can opt out of, or at the very least, send affected users a message to let them know it's being created for them?"

Needless to say many other responses were not so pleasant. It's a great feature in my opinion if the couple wants this link done...but it should be offered, not automatic. Like the 'timeline' feature, this is mostly being met with opposition.