How would you like Katy Perry to assist with your birthday party? She can bring big big birthday balloons to my party any day. Heck, she can come by and screw things up for all I care. And that's the story behind her new video for her latest hit 'Birthday."

In this video you'll get the “unseen footage” from her latest hit and it features each of her five disorderly characters.

Popcrush tells us:

In ‘Princess Mandee: The Unseen Footage From Katy Perry’s “Birthday,”’ Katy makes another appearance as the blonde-haired, artistically-challenged princess whose job it is to entertain little girls at a birthday party.

Katy Perry definitely has a future as a comedic actor. I would not be able to keep a straight face while the kids jump on me while painting. Katy just keeps on impressing us.