Out of the mouth of babes, only a kid could come up with that and, kids say the darnedest things. These are phrases often used to describe the logic only our kids could possible come up with. My son Dylan has a funny way of explaining things at the tender age of four and I just had to share it with you along with videos of other 'kid-logic'.

Well I'm not a fan of Star Wars but I do enjoy the way this child says Obi Kenobi, who I'm not sure of it's role in the movies. Well, this three-year-old is here to clear up any confusion! Apparently some sort of robot garage sale goes on where Obi Wan Kenobi teaches Luke how to use his light-up sword, and “pokey balls” are thrown into the mix at one point. Yeah, it totally makes sense now.

Remember, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage? Today we wonder, should a career come first? Luckily this five year old gives us hard-hitting reasoning regarding marriage. With excitement she explains the importance of getting a job before committing herself to a guy. Interesting.

I just had to share this one because she's so cute. Actually dinosaurs do the crushing but she insisted that they do not want to be crushed. Adorable.

Every St. Patrick’s Day we see folks dressed in green and sometimes we actually see leprechauns. But how do you catch one? This little guy knows exactly how to catch one. Now we can’t really understand most of his explanation, but, we do know for sure it involves a bag of peas, a bunch of sticks and a whole lot of other stuff.

And finally I just had to ask my son Dylan what the meaning of Christmas is. Our family is starting to get into the spirit as Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We'll set up the trees soon and get ready for, as Dylan explains, Jesus's birthday party.