Lady Gaga may be at the top of her game, but the pressure is intense to look a certain way.  Will she cave and have plastic sugergy someday?   

She tells "Harper's Bazaar" she will never, ever go under the knife.  While she acknowledges lots of pop singers do it, she thinks " pomoting insecurity in the form of platic surgery is infintely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification."  She goes on to say that it's up to her to choose the way the world will see her. By the way, she also reveals she's never had any sort of plastic surgery.   Lady Gaga, who's a native New Yorker, tried to embrace the Hollywood scene by moving to LA but quickly found it it wasn't for her.  So she moved back to her old apartment in NY and hung out with her same friends in their same favorite hangouts.  Even though now she's saying no to surgery, do you suspect she'll change her mind down the road?