A video was posted on YouTube in April of 2013 that shows UFOs over Lake Erie.

The video shows orbs of light that appear and disappear over the lake.  The young men who are filming the lights are standing right on the shoreline.

From the YouTube description:

This is a little hard to explain ;-) And the typical explanations that these are Chinese Lanterns or Flares or airplanes do not fit the behavior of these objects in this video at all!

The Sphere/Orb of light that appears out of nowhere at 13 seconds into the clip on the left side of the screen begins moving to the East or Right (on the screen) and continues East until it stops dead in it's tracks and then just hovers there near the first object when a 3rd Orb of light appears from nowhere and the three Orbs join into a Triangular formation.

Then a 4th Orb of Light appears right down on the surface of Lake Erie.

So 3 of these 4 Orbs of Light appeared from nowhere!

Note: the video contains NSFW language.