Last week, I was sad to hear about the death of Mr. Food.  Sometimes you meet famous people and they are nothing like expect them to be.  Instead of being nice or funny or whatever positive way they appear to be in their job, they're not that nice in person.  That was not the case with Mr. Food. 

While working in Albany, I had a chance to meet and interview Mr. Food.  I was doing morning radio with my friend AJ and we invited Mr. Food to join us in the studio one morning.  To our surprise, he accepted our invitation and spent about forty minutes with us in the studio, answering our silly questions and taking calls from listeners.   Mr. Food was funny, sweet and we had a blast talking to him.  He was as charming and funny off the air as he was on the air.  We had our picture taken with him, he  gave us some of his favorite cook books and signed pictures of himself for us too. I think AJ said it best when he described Mr. Food as someone who enjoyed life as much as he enjoyed food.    Mr. Food, thanks for the memories and the cooking tips.  It was "so good" to meet you!