New York State opened their new EBay store today. is the new central location where the state government will be selling surplus property. We scoured the store for you to find the most interesting items and best deals. There are literally hundreds of vehicles for sale, each starting at $500. Here are some of the more odd deals.

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    Laptop Bags

    Who couldn't use 160 new laptop bags? Apparently the Department of Environmental Conversation. They've listed a lot of 160 new never used laptop bags.

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    Huge Scale

    Unless you're going into the carny industry and planning on setting up one of those fairground midway guess-your-weight acts, I'm not sure what use you'd have with this. The scale, embedded into the floor somewhere on the campus of SUNY Binghamton, can be yours for a starting bid of just $10.

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    Panini Grill

    Maybe you really, really love pinini sandwiches. If so, this commercial grade panini grill is for you! Within just a few hours of the start of the auction, the price has been bid up to nearly $200.

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    Erie Canal Boat

    This former Erie Canal cruiser might just be the best deal on the NYS Store at the moment. With bidding under $150 at the moment this one could be a steal. Just note that the boat doesn't come with a trailer and has been in dry dock and not run in over 2 years. Win it and you'll need to figure out how to get it home from Lyons.

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    20 Computers

    Score! 20 Dell computers and 20 monitors from the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.