You've heard the news - people sharing their stories on how they lived past 100. Some sources are healthy lifestyles, some are far-fetched ideas, but is there really a secret?

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The latest news story of a 110-year-old woman sharing her secret to living a long life is what has started this rant. According to PEOPLE,

If you want to live as long as Agnes Fenton, you’re going to have to make some lifestyle changes namely, adding Miller High Life to your diet.

The story states Agnes drank three beers and a shot of whiskey every single day. Now, that's not as far-fetched as some of the 'secrets' that others have shared, but is it still a 'secret?' Or is it just good luck and good genes?

Another really weird one that came up a little while ago was from this woman, who made it past the 100-mark in the U.S. The Huffington Post reported,

A 105-year-old Texas woman who worked a life of physical labor and mothered seven children revealed the secret to her longevity: bacon.

Bacon... Really? And that's just the surface of all these reports that come in - people giving their two-cents on how they lived to be 100 or older. Other stories talk about smokers, and junk food eaters, and everything in between. All these reasons for living to be 100, and all these reasons why you WOULDN'T think someone would make it to 100 (not even 60 on a bacon-diet).

It really makes me believe it has to be good genes and good luck. Don't get me wrong, I think living a healthy lifestyle with less stress, exercise, and whatever, could help you live a longer life. But I think in the long run, you really have no control over it. When your time is up... It's up.

I guess the biggest thing to take away from this rant would be to not worry about it. Again, you don't get to choose when it's over. Maybe be healthy, but don't forget to live it up, too. You've only got one life to live, you might as well be happy through it!


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